Dragon Moon

'My name is Dragon Moon, and I am married to a crayfish!'

The story of a tiny, beautiful creature who appears to an ill boy, Diarmid, living in an old house above the cliffs of a rocky coast, begins with a plaintive cry for help. Dragon Moon, next in succession in her own world, has been sent to earth by the Older Others to teach her a lesson in humility, and is particularly indignant when she is not taken seriously.

This science-fiction fantasy story for intermediate readers is structured around the scientific puzzles which must be solved in a very short time if she is to succeed in returning to her own world. With the help of his eccentric Great-uncle Bernard, who refuses to allow him to feel sorry for himself, Diarmid works against time - and fights his own feelings of inadequacy and despair - to find a path home for Dragon Moon, who leaves him an unexpected legacy.

"I sat down to read a chapter while I had my lunch and got totally engrossed and gobbled it (Dragon Moon) all up in one go! I loved it. Such a strong picture you drew of the boy, the place, Bernard - and Dragon Moon was beautiful! I loved the plot, also the insights into Bernard. In fact, I just loved it!" Kathryn Asare - Communications Manager, New Zealand Employers Federation.

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