Night of the Medlar

Two will come when the time's at hand,
When mischief spreads across the land.
Guide them, fairy cap, at night,
Past all things that flee the light. . .

"I knew the box would be found," said the old lady. "Oh, child. I hoped you might be the one. And so it has been. Wood calls to wood Ah, the time for the box is near! And there is so little sand to sift through my hourglass." She held the little box close to her chest as if it was something dear to her.

Justin and Penny find the cryptic message written on a scrap of paper tucked inside a little carved box hidden in the chimney. But what does it mean? Does it have anything to do with the strange things that have been happening in their old home? And how is it that Maddy Stewart, the remarkable 107 year-old woman, knows about it - and the box?


"A beautiful story of magic, mystery and romance set in New Zealand. This modern yet timeless story of nature personified joining our young champions in their battle of good overcoming evil and restoring harmony is beautifully written. It is exciting from the first to the last page, and has a satisfying ending with all loose ends and predictions tied up... its story line has the potential to become a children's classic. Very highly recommended for primary and junior secondary students who enjoy mystery and magic. Jackie Pittman. Australian Review

"Ingredients guaranteed to fire the imagination... inevitably invites comparison with Susan Cooper's 'The Dark is Rising'." It is also a pleasure to read a story where children and adults enjoy warm, mutually respectful relationships."Betty Gilderdale. New Zealand Herald.

"She writes confidently with a style that builds layers of plot and creates genuine suspense for the reader. Hers is a name to be looked for on the bookshelves."Regan Hemmings. The Press.

"This interesting fantasy relies upon the co-operation of brother and sister. Simple language and a constant air of mystery make for a very readable and exciting adventure."C. Sly. Australian Review.

"The purpose of this letter is to congratulate you on Night of the Medlar. I thought it was an excellent book with surprises around every corner. I was wondering if you have written another book for children? If you haven't, I think you should. i am just starting to read the book again. I think you are a talented writer. Well done."   From  M Davis at Dovedale chool Wakefiel.

"Certificate of Merit awarded to Agnes-Mary Brooke for the best book this year read by the Johnson Family…I really enjoyed Night of the Medlar…The story was so life-like and really exciting. I hope you write another book soon." Shelley Johnson, 12

Night of the Medlar is the first book in the exciting Medlar trilogy, set in the South Island of New Zealand on the edge of the Mackenzie country. It was first published by Ashton Scholastic NZ ltd in 1992 and was re-edited and republished by The Medlar Press, cover illustration by Dean Raybould. Its sequels, The Last Chance and The Keeper Sleeps are available from The Medlar Press under the umbrella title The Owl, the Two and the Medlar.


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