The Owl the Two and the Medlar

'You are right,' said Morag quietly. She looked at Digby. 'Find it, you young ones,' she said. The old lady leaned forward and took his hand into her frail old one. She looked into his eyes, 'Let the room call its own again . . . Find it,' she said, 'and you will have found . . .' Digby was already nodding. 'Yes. Eve's treasure . . .' he said.

Penny and Justin have gone, but the promise they made in Night of the Medlar has not been forgotten. In The Last Chance, Book One of The Owl, the Two and the Medlar, their young cousins, Digby and John, are now living in the doctor's house in the old wild orchard. In a time of great need for the animals of the surrounding land, the room once again calls its own. Digby finds himself challenged not only in responding, but in learning more about himself and the importance of his younger brother. When they find themselves in dire straits and the old medlar has become dangerously cantankerous, only the promise Justin and Penny made can save their young cousins, and bring back hope to the animals of the land.

In The Keeper Sleeps, Book Two of The Owl, the Two and the Medlar, and the third story of the medlar trilogy, Digby and John, now some years have passed, revisit the old house and wild orchard together with their younger brothers, Rory (Boomer) and Merlin. There is evil abroad again. The medlar is dead - or is it? This time, when the room calls its own, with the house and orchard threatened, it is young Toby, now living there, whose very life is in danger. With the help of all the children - and those who were once children there, and had responded to the need before, an extraordinary discovery is made in a race against time, where the past reaches out to the present, and the blessing of the hermit's well still holds�

"a book in the mould of the much-loved C.S Lewis classics... very highly recommended for children eight to 12. Diane  Keenan. The Press.

"The book was enchanting, definitely one of the cleverer books written, and others with a good imagination will find the ending very humorous and memorable." The Northern Advocate.

"A children's book that mixes reality with fantasy and comes up with an excellent concoction to keep the most avid young reader amused for quite some time�.Excellent reading for youngsters." Northland Times

"Destined to become a children's classic. Very highly recommended."


The Owl, the Two and the Medlar, for junior and intermediate readers, was published by Hazard Press in 1996. Cover painting by Jilleen England. It is now available by contacting The Medlar Press - [email protected]

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