Jasper and Granny May Again

Christmas is coming soon, and all sorts of unexpected things are happening in the little village where Jasper lives with his beloved Granny May and his friends Pepper, Spike and Ginger. While they are planning presents and surprises, events overtake them. The angelic-looking (and somewhat exhausting) twins Felix and Frith are caught up in mischief and more. Digby, their big-hearted fisherman friend, is in trouble, too, hurt in an accident which brings a mysterious stranger to the door, and suspicious-looking individuals test the wit of Jasper and his friends.

A lot more is at stake in this story, where Jasper has a strange and wonderful dream, and where three special eggs bring a Christmas surprise for Hetty the little bantam, and a little magic into the life of others.


In this stand-alone sequel to Jasper and Granny May, Amy Brooke takes us back to the special world of childhood beloved of so many Milly Molly Mandy fans where nothing seems to happen, while everything does. She brilliantly evokes that world where nature and people are part of everyday lives and where happiness and the seasons go hand in hand.

This appealing story belongs to children everywhere.


"The happiness of childhood, brought to life in these pages."


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