Jasper and Granny May

Granny May has lost her purse, and the cupboards in her small cottage are nearly bare. So Jasper sets off to get cream from their jersey cow; Amber. Granny May will make them an apple pie from the apples still left in the old orchard.

Along the way, however, Jasper unwittingly enlists the help of their small village community, with surprising and heartening results.

These six stories featuring Jasper and his beloved Granny May belong to the childhood of all who once swung on the front gate, knew all the neighbours in the street, built a tree hut, and went hunting for tadpoles.

Written in the classic style of the much-loved Milly-Molly-May stories, the Jasper & Granny May and Jasper & Granny May Again stories are safe, happy stories for children everywhere, universal in appeal.

"Jasper is simply enchanting. The special kind of magic in these stories will be  loved by cheldren everywhere."  E.S.


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