The Duck Who Went to Heaven

The Duck Who Went To Heaven, now an original New Zealand folk tale, tells how - because of the courage of one frightened duck - the Paradise Duck got its name.

The Paradise duck, which mates for life, is found only in this country, and is a member of the shelduck family.

"I laughed. I cried. It moved me. This story is the first I've read about the Paradise duck and it's a wonderful story. This book is suitable for young children. I loved the colour illustration. Because there is only one colour, it stood out. The cover is beautiful. It would probably make me buy the book for someone who likes folk tales and myths. The story is educational and entertaining. The facts about the Paradise duck are interestingly told. I learned a lot while reading how it got its name. I think many parents would like reading this as an enjoyable bedtime story." The Evening Standard

"I loved it" Harry, 60. "A truly beautiful story!!!" Kylie, 11; "It was very good and I really liked it," Tyler, 11; "It waz col" Cat, 6; "Very cool" Sam, 9; "AWESOME AND TRULY terrific. The story made me feel as I were flying there with them." Meso, 12

The Duck Who Went to Heaven, illustrated by Dean Raybould, was first published by The Medlar Press in 2000. A reviewer has described it as " destined to become a classic,  my favourite New Zealand story."

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