The Golden Firepot

This is the story of a little orphaned boy, Ming Hai (which means Bright Child) who grew up with his childhood sweetheart, Moon Flower,and one day set off across the world sadly, but with a heart full of hope, to look for their lost child, New Moon. How and where he at last found her, The Golden Firepot can tell you.

"Amy Brooke’s stories are a voyage of discovery for the characters and reader alike. Quite simply New Zealand’s best children’s writer." Mike King

"I am thoroughly enjoying this book, and my mother Jackie and my sister Sophie are too!" Finn Lee

"I have been reading The Golden Firepot and it’s a really great book because it’s sad and exciting at the same time. It makes your writing feel alive and interesting. I find it really good because I am quite a good reader and all the books at school are too easy and quite boring." From Sophie. P.S. I’m Finn’s sister.

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