The Mud Fairies & Other Stories

Who but a child could confidently tell us where the very first fairies came from, and that the little mud fairies didn’t even have wings ? 

It will be hard to ever forget this magical account of how one wise and patient little fairy found the way for them all to Fairyland. 

But what happened in Fairyland the night the fairies found that they couldn’t even fly home, after the Fairy Queen’s birthday party? And with dawn coming, what were they to do? 

Why did a beautiful kind-hearted dog get into trouble? Could anything save him? 

Where did she come from the strange little old lady - and what was the wonderful gift that she brought? 

What if you were a little girl who found a frozen, tiny fairy huddled on your windowsill in a snowstorm? 

“ The Mud Fairies & Other Stories is a wonderful collection of fairy stories that my children and I love. They conjure up such enchanting images, and the illustrations are beautiful.” Dr Eileen Smith. 

“This little collection sparkles with joy and enchantment, a beautiful gift for children everywhere.” Faith Downey 


Contact The Medlar Press  - email directly a-m@amybrooke.  for a copy of this charming collection of stories for all the little ones who get so much joy believing in fairies.
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