The Third Star and Other Stories

What lies behind a Christmas tree with a strangely glowing blue light shining like a star at this special time? And what is happening in the deep forest behind?

And if the Little People themselves were to come back at Christmas, now why do you think that would be - and how would they be getting here?

In this book of magical stories for children, a grey cat is not what it seems; animals have adventures we can only suspect; a very naughty child escapes dire consequences - just: and a brave little hungry mouse has something wonderful happen to him at Christmas.

Amy Brooke tells the kind of wonderful, real stories once told around the fireside, enthralling children and adults alike.

The only New Zealand children’s author whose books have been described as reminiscent of those of C.S. Lewis and Susan Cooper (The Dark is Rising), Amy has been described by comedian and social commentator Mike King as “a superb writer who dares you to imagine. Quite simply, New Zealand’s best children’s writer”.

"Janet (11 years) loved reading this book. She says that it was very original, and that you’re the best New Zealand author." Lyn Smith

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