Deep Down Things,  Amy Brooke' s first published volume of poetry received a generous review by the brilliant Australian writer and poet, Hal Colebatch,writing for Quadrant, regarded as the leading intellectual journey of ideas, literature, poetry, and historical and political debate in Australia. 

"One contemporary New Zealand poet whose work would appeal to many Australians and can be read with great profit as well as pleasure, as Amy Brooke, a prominent journalist and children's author. Deep Down Things is a selection of her work.. .Apparently simple (which means accessible) it is in fact the product of a passionate intelligence and a deeply effective, though unobtrusive mastery of technique...

"Perhaps we are getting back, after about three decades of suppression, apparently of meaning rather than a word games and disconnected deconstructed images. .. We have here a book whose words, often deeply moving speak of things worthwhile, obviously healthy is a breath of fresh air, and highly recommended." Hal Colebatch.

Needless to say, given the Left's long domination of the literary ingroups in this much smaller country. with patently political decisions now controlling our over generously government-funded literary scene, it has not been reviewed in this country. Conveniently,  it has been accommodatingly ignored by the usual suspects churning out today's currently fashionable pseudo-poetry - i.e. mundane prose-offerings, typically chopped up arbitrarily into three lines, in an apparent hope to enthuse the reader.

However, it is no wonder that the public no longer bothers to read what is on offer...

From Amy..."For myself,  I am indebted not only to Hal, arguably Australian's greatest poet, but to Kevin Ireland, the fine New Zealand poet, one of the very few in an otherwise very much neglected tradition which encompassed not only James K Baxter and Rex Fairbairn, but possibly New Zealand's greatest poet of all, Eileen Duggan.

'Deep Down Things.. is a pleasure to dip into - heartfelt, sincere, assured and comprehensible. A life-time well spent and splendidly described." Kevin Ireland.

"Have been reading some of your poems today and have greatly enjoyed them. Loved The Elms Are Leafing and Do You Remember?  They're all full of spirit, yet have a wonderful subtlety. Warm regards. Warren Reed.

"Your book of poems is a must and top priority! Anzac Day - in the Trenches -is simply stunning....the hard truth of war. Mark Raffills.

"Such a lovely Anzac Day heartrending." Marian H.



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