The Testing

"Out against the black of the night, lit by the fires of tall buildings flaming like skyward torches, was the background of a white-topped sea, running mountainous waves. There, silhouetted by an inferno of red-black flames closing in, a great iridescent, silver-grey dragon was gliding serenely down to a fiercely defended area... It reflected back flashes of mauve-silver and blue-green, as it shimmering in rainbow light."

" Sitting on the sand at her favourite beach, Amber's attention is caught by a curiously-shaped, clear green stone. Little does she realise what a challenge will now confront her, when she slips it into her pocket to examine it more closely later.

Someone else seeks this stone, which has special properties. Amber's courage and resolution are tested, and her very life in danger, when she undertakes to help its rightful owner meet the challenge of his nemesis - and make his way safely back to his own world."

" A genuine classic..."

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