The Cat That Nobody Wanted

Where did he come from, the hungry little grey cat that lived under the shoemaker's shop?
What was to become of him, The Cat That Nobody Wanted, with the neighbouring gang on
the prowl?

What did Willow hear calling to her from the tall tree?

How Rickwick the Wizard and Lorenzo set off on the magic kettle ~and got more than they
bargained for.

When a little girl called Mary blew her grandmother a kiss, making a wish, did an age~old
magic answer?

How Janik and Ella helped a tiny old lady, and things very nearly went wrong!

Another collection of Amy Brooke's wonderful real stories for children, parents and

The only New Zealand children's author whose Medlar trilogy has been described as
reminiscent of the stories of C.S. Lewis and Susan Cooper (The Dark is Rising).

As on reader comments "I  cannot get enough of this author!"

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